In 2016.09, our company servo motor technology expert, Mr.Onfory came to Shanghai maintenance center to have a 2-week technology exchange. He provided on-site guidance and passed-on his experience to the technicians. They also had a training of servo motor theory, servo motor fault diagnosis and maintenance methods taught by Mr.Onfory in order to make sure that our maintenance service quality can keep consistent with European’s.

After Mr. Onfory’s guidance, or technician’s servo motor maintenance skill of Siemens was significantly improved, and also learn the diagnosis and maintenance skill of other servo motor brands well, like Fanuc, Leroy Somer, ABB, Allen Bradley / Rockwell, Rexroth and Okuma. After this two weeks , our data of Shanghai maintenance center technical database had been increased and our scope of maintenance products was also been expanded.

1 Mr. Onfory Discussed with engineers on fault diagnosis of servomotors, find out what cause Servo motor failure and analyzed it.


Mr. Onfory adjusted the Motor zero position and guide disassembly skills of special parts.


Mr. Onfory Teached us the theory of  how to adjust the encoder.