Shanghai International Industrial Equipment Maintenance and Upgrading Engineering Exhibition (SMEE), focusing on industrial maintenance industry-wide strategy and production equipment intelligent technology, production line upgrading and transformation technology, is China’s only professional platform for future factory service concepts and advanced technologies. Through the mode of exhibition + meeting, create an efficient technology and business communication platform. Equipment in modern factories is a high-value asset. Pre-maintenance of production equipment has a crucial impact on the cost, safety and efficient operation of the enterprise. Unexpected downtime will not only affect the delivery time, but also reduce the maintenance efficiency, increase the risk of equipment chain damage, and further affect the production of upstream and downstream equipment, which is a major loss to the enterprise. Therefore, equipment maintenance enjoys high priority treatment. Clear early identification and intervention programs are critical to the maintenance of industrial equipment. Predictive maintenance technology relies on the intelligence of the equipment to determine the real-time status of the machine in operation. By collecting and analyzing the big data during the operation of the equipment, the original equipment manufacturer can provide maintenance suggestions and services to the factory production line in real time, ultimately reducing production. The operating costs of the business, the efficiency of equipment use, and the establishment of the manufacturer’s own efficient after-sales process.

The original production line upgrade and transformation is another problem faced by the majority of manufacturers. How to maximize the use of old equipment to reduce costs? How to upgrade and upgrade equipment through flexible technology? How is the life cycle management of main equipment and peripheral accessories more reasonable? Equipment intelligence and maintenance are forward-looking technologies, but these are the eyes of enterprises. The problem is also urgent. Exhibitors on SMEE 2019 will demonstrate the maintenance management of large-scale equipment on the production line, the improvement of the performance of daily equipment inspection and maintenance management, the future business model of equipment maintenance service under the digital trend, the upgrade mode of production line, and the technical training of equipment maintenance management. Help to achieve an efficient production mode of “reducing costs, saving energy, and ensuring quality”.

SMEE 2019 will be held from July 3rd to 6th at Shanghai New International Expo Center (2345 Longyang Road).

As a professional maintenance and repair service provider from Europe, Alphitan Automation Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will participate in this industry event to introduce and display the high-standard and strict process of professional maintenance and repair services for domestic users.

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The booth of Alphitan is located at A06 in Hall W5. Welcome customers to visit.