In October 2019, Mr. Vincent, Senior Director of Advanced R&D Technology of the French Headquarters of Alphitan Group, made a special trip to the Shanghai Maintenance Center for a one-week technical guidance exchange. During the period, he gave on-site guidance and imparted relevant technical experience to the work of our technicians.

During Mr. Vincent’s stay in Shanghai, For the FANUC 0i/20i/30i/31i test platform, the INDRAMAT test platform,the ELAU PacDrive test platform and BGA chip rework platform.Comprehensive guidance and training for technicians in a comprehensive manner. The technicians benefited from the use and maintenance of the comprehensive test platform. In the maintenance technology exchange, Mr. Vincent vividly taught the superb maintenance technology. Through the study and practice of the technicians, the maintenance quality of the Shanghai repair center was improved. And the service level has been further improved.