The Group ALPHITAN, the European leader in maintenance of electrical and electronic systems.

Our vocation is to maintain the electrical and electronic turning-machine systems under operational conditions, which are used by our industrial, railway and aeronautical customers. Our technical expertise can ensure the intervention in both standard equipment and obsolete equipment, even in the most complex systems.

As a high-tech expert, the Group ALPHITAN is the logic combination of two complementary specialties in maintenance: electronics and motorization.

With a long history of over one century, our men and women have always been standing together for a common aim of controlling and developing the most complex technologies.

Early in 1914, we have already started up our activity in DC motors’ reparation. Today, we have in hand the technique of the permanently excited synchronous electrical turning-machine systems, and the most innovative industrial electronic systems as well.

At the present time, we have developed our business in France, Germany and China with 12 sites, of which 11 manufacturing units. Moreover, we are also spreading our know-how through 6 subsidiaries, in order to reply to the requirements from the most captious customers.


Inside the Group Alphitan, we all share the common passion for Hi-tech and innovation.

Primarily, our teams are « service » oriented. We always engage ourselves to offer the best solutions adapted for the concerns of our customers. Our multi-specialties based upon on our five subsidiaries:

ID-REP:European expert in maintenance of industrial electronic systems.

AEMExpert in maintenance and the trading of servomotors and variators – intervention and standard exchanges.

ABESpecialist of DC motors. Expert in winding, electromechanical machines and trading of new materials for reparation.

UME:Expert in maintenance of turning-machines of low and high tensions.

AGEMO:Specialist in supply of equipment for winding of electrical motors, tores and transformers.


Our Group is continuously optimizing all of our human and financial resources, in order to offer the optimal solutions of maintenance (control electronics/ power electronics, human-machine interface (IHM), digital control, robotics, traction chains and motorizations).

Within the coming years, we will continue to face the technical challenges and to offer the solutions the best adapted and the most innovative for our customers, so that we can become the best referential choice for our customers.

Finally, we are always loyal to our values and continuing to share with our customers the passion for technologies, which is fully supported by our men and women. Without the passion, ALPHITAN  would be nothing but a simple actor of maintenance.