The Group ALPHITAN is already ISO9001-certified. It respects strictly requirements from customers and make all efforts to satisfy their demands, especially with a reporting system based upon indices of efficiency, such as MTBF and OEE.

Aiming at a more rigorous management on its methodology and business processes,the Group ALPHITAN is engaged in a continuous improvement process, in order to optimize the quality of its services.

With the SAQR-ATEX certification, we are authorized to intervene, through our subsidiaries, in all types of reparations of materials used in explosive atmosphere.

LloydsToday, our quality management policy allows us to manage the most complex projects in an efficient way, even in the automobile sector.


Taking care of the security of all our partners, we implement each year a severe review on our operation procedures, in order to eliminate any risk of accident existing in both our plants and customers’ plants.

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