Our men and women are positioned at the centre of all our efforts inside of the Group ALPHITAN. Everyone contributes his or her competence and skills to the company.

In our company, the trust to our teams is essential.

All of our projects are carefully studied, discussed and put into arena, thanks to the everlasting willingness of our men and women.


Join the Group ALPHITAN, it is to show the pride in evolution with a group of specialists and technicians, well known for their know-how and the quality of their intervention.

The Group ALPHITAN is always making progress, replying on the competences of its team (engineers, technicians, businessmen…). We are constantly facing the new challenges, with respect to our values: high-level conduct, pride, team spirit and gratefulness.

Join us, it is to join a team in which the talents take their primary position, while the career evolution is always promising, in function of each person’s own rhythm and ambition.

With willingness and talent, everyone can manage his or her future, accede to important positions, and grow together with the Group.

Please send your application to mf.gong@