We deal with all technologies on motors, covering more than 150 reliable and reputed brands. We implement the reparations for more than 10 000 motors each year.

Repair service of electronic industrial systems as well as servo-motors

We offer you a repair service for the following electronic systems:

– Analog and digital cards

– Drvies

– Screens, and Supervisory systems

– Digital controls-PLC


– Robots

With extensive analytical capacity, diagnostics and testing equipment…

We can ensure that a high level of quality is maintained on all our repair work

– Complete system cleaning

– Adjustments and tests

– Replacement of failed components

– Maintenance replacement of standard components

– High quality packaging for better storage

– Detailed inspection report

– Real time follow-up of your repairs with intranet portal ID Web


Efficiency, reactivity: AEM has already set up an e-commerce service site, with more than 2000 references in stock, always for more rapid solutions to break down service.



Efficient and reliable service to provide you with an appropriate alternative replacement solution of your obsolete systems.


We do everything to satisfy your supply needs effectively and can offer you a wide range of products


Simply provide us the brand name and the complete reference of your item, we commit ourselves to replying with the minimum of delay, working with our stock and international partners.


Should a repair of your device not be possible, and it is no longer supplied by the manufacturer, we are able to give you a reconstruction solution.


In addition to our reparations, the Group ALPHITAN suggests also some personalized research programs to reply to your requirements:

• Management and computer management solution for your motors’ group.

• The machines’ retrofit replying to your concern on obsolescence.

• Maintenance under operational conditions (MCO).

• Technical assistance for improvement of your machine utilization rate (TRS).

• Associated electronics: reparation, reconstruction and trading.